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Furnace Installations in Oklahoma City, OK

Furnace Installations from 5-Star Oklahoma City Pros

Is it time for a new furnace? Contact Prudhom Heating & Air Conditioning for a FREE estimate. Our Oklahoma City-based experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your home to recommend a furnace system that perfectly aligns with your comfort needs and budget. We take into account factors like the size of your home, its layout, and insulation to tailor the most energy-efficient solution for you. Plus, we can even help you navigate financing options and HVAC rebates to make installing your new furnace less stressful on your wallet. For proven 5-star service backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, call Prudhom today!

All of our furnace installations include:

  • Flat-rate, upfront pricing
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Financing options available

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Cost to install a furnace in Oklahoma City

  • Low: $2,800
  • Average: $4,200
  • High: $8,000

The cost of your Furnace Installation will depend on:

  • Efficiency Rating: Higher efficiency furnaces generally cost more upfront but can result in lower energy bills over time. Furnace efficiency is measured by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating. Typically, a rating beyond over 90% AFUE is considered “high” efficiency.
  • Size and Heating Capacity: The size of the furnace needed for your home is based on factors such as square footage, insulation, and climate. A larger, more powerful furnace may cost more to install.
  • Type, Brand, and Model: Different furnace brands and models come with varying price tags. Higher-end brands or models with advanced features may cost more. Additionally, gas furnaces are often more expensive to install than electric ones.
  • Ductwork: If your existing ductwork is not compatible with the new furnace, modifications or replacements may be necessary, adding to the installation cost.
  • The Contractor You Hire: Skilled and experienced technicians often charge higher rates. However, their experience can ensure the accurate sizing, proper installation, and efficient functioning of the furnace. This means you won’t risk costly repeat labor or issues with the furnace down the road, ultimately providing enhanced comfort and peace of mind for years to come.

How we install your furnace

1) Schedule your estimate

Ready to upgrade your home’s heating system? Contact Prudhom to schedule a free, in-home estimate. Our expert technicians will visit your home, assess your heating needs, and provide a comprehensive evaluation for your new furnace installation. Simply call us at (405) 285-5757 or request an appointment online, and we’ll reach out to confirm a convenient day and time.

2) Get upfront pricing

At Prudhom, transparency is key. This means we’ll always provide honest and upfront pricing that covers all aspects of the installation, from the cost of the furnace unit to labor, permits, and any necessary adjustments to your ductwork. Our goal is to ensure you have a clear understanding of the costs involved so you can make an informed decision. No surprise bills around here!

3) Let us do the hard work

Once you’ve given us the green light, our skilled technicians will take charge of the installation process so you can relax while we do the hard work. We handle every aspect from start to finish, including removing your old furnace, making any electrical modifications, ensuring proper ventilation, and handling permits if necessary. When finished, we’ll answer your questions, clean up our workspace, and make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your new furnace.

4) Give us feedback

Your satisfaction is our priority. After the installation is complete, we invite you to share your experience with Prudhom Heating and Air Conditioning through surveys, follow-up calls, or online reviews. Your input helps us continuously improve our services and provides valuable insights for your fellow Oklahomans.

Guarantees and warranties

We offer the following guarantees and warranties on ALL furnace installations:

100% satisfaction—guaranteed

If you’re not completely satisfied with your new furnace, we’ll make it right—at no cost to you.

10-year parts warranty

If your furnace fails due to a manufacturer error, you’ll receive your replacement parts from the manufacturer at no additional cost.

1-year labor warranty

If your furnace fails within the first year, we’ll fix or replace it for free.

“We’ve always had a great experience when dealing with Prudhom Heating & Air Conditioning.”

“We’ve always had a great experience when dealing with Prudhom Heating & Air Conditioning. Eric is wonderful! He is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. We are so lucky to have him know the history of our units to work out what is best suited for our needs. Oh! And our dogs absolutely LOVE him, so that means he’s just a damn good human to boot! We highly recommend this company. They’re always on time, professional, and they have even gotten out to us during bad heat at the last minute to get us up and running.”


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