4 Areas of Advancement in The HVAC Industry

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When it comes to heating and cooling, energy cost is the biggest area of concern by many homeowners in Oklahoma City. This makes efficiency a key factor that many HVAC manufacturers are focusing on in their technological developments.

As technology evolves, advanced efficiency features for your comfort systems are introduced in the market.  Generally, this advancement focused on four main areas namely:

Smart Controls: Thermostats

Called the brain of heating and cooling systems, thermostats are among the most concentrated areas of advancement by many HVAC manufacturing companies today. Apple Home Kit, Amazon Echo, and Google Home were the high-tech thermostats over the last 20 years.

Today’s thermostats surely have a lot more features to offer that exceed beyond user’s expectations. With their built-in automation system, sophisticated but upgradable style, remote access, and helpful notification features, no wonder modern thermostats have been in great demand in the market nowadays.

  • IAQ improvement: Air Purification

Aside from the temperature, indoor air quality is also a crucial factor in attaining complete comfort inside one’s home. With the increasing demand in air purification, HVAC manufacturers are working to improve indoor air quality with their advanced air purifying systems. NASA reports a discovery in improving air purification which features air cleaning and allergen and VOC reduction for everyone’s safety. HVAC organizations are doing their best to implement the same procedures for the residential and commercial HVAC industry.

  • Advanced System Integration

Home automation is becoming a new trend these days. Advanced system integration supports this advancement by allowing a centralized location where homeowners can access and modify different fixtures inside their home. This remote access gives you the power to manipulate HVAC settings, security functions, lighting, and electrical systems in a single downloadable location using your smartphones and tablets.

  • IAQ Improvement: Air Filtration System

Having said that the indoor air quality could be 5-10 times more polluted than the outside, homeowners are more at risk of health issues in their homes. This makes improved air filtration system a necessity in modern time. Good thing, today’s state-of-the-art air filter products use nanofiber composite media which works effectively in filtering chemicals and even microorganisms in the air.

Why settle with your old-modeled, inefficient devices when you can upgrade to better equipment? Of course, you will need professional help to find the right type of upgrade for your home and preference. With this, our experts at Prudhom Heating & Air Conditioning can help. Call us for complete details and helpful recommendations!