5 Tips to Save Money on Your Summer Energy Bill

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5 Tips to Save Money on Your Summer Energy Bill

Let’s face it; summer is truly a difficult season to control your energy bill. As summer is upon us, there is no better time to implement some money-saving strategies to get rid of skyrocketing energy bills. Here are quick and easy tips that you can use in your summer energy-saving goals:

1. Replace Old Air Conditioning Units
Is your air conditioning unit at the end of its life? If it is, then you should consider buying a more efficient model. Replacing HVAC systems can be costly, but it will not just give you savings, but also peace of mind that your system is working efficiently and there is less percentage of emergency breakdowns.

2. Invest in a Fan
The fan and your air conditioning unit are great partners in summer. You should understand however that the fan is not really for cooling your home; they only give a wind-chill effect by moving the air around the room and dispersing hot air, so you feel cooler even if you raise the setting by a degree or two. For safety purposes, do not use your fan continuously for multiple days, especially when you are not at home.

3. Shift to a Programmable Thermostat
Start your money-saving goal by upgrading your controls. A programmable thermostat is built with energy-saving features to help you save money on your summer comfort. This allows you to program the operation of your HVAC system based on your schedule or customize the temperature in different areas of the house at different times. As compared to a manually operated thermostat, a programmable thermostat provides you with a consistent and energy efficient A/C outputs that will surely give you great savings and comfort.

4. Keep the Curtains and Blinds Down for the Day
Preventing the sunlight from directly hitting your home is a big help to prevent overcompensating your energy usage. This will also lessen the burden of your air conditioning unit, preventing system overwork and excessive use of energy in its operation.

5. Replace Your Air Filters
A dirty air filter can hinder the proper air flow, and this is the root of all other problems inside your unit. Not just that it will lead to system breakdown, but it will also give additional strain to your air conditioning unit, making it consume more energy in normal operation.

Do not let your energy bill rise with the temperature. Follow these tips from the experts at Prudhom Heating & Air Conditioning. If you need useful advice or professional help to keep the efficiency of your units, feel free to call us today!