What’s The Cost Of AC Repair In Oklahoma?

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Air conditioners do an excellent job creating a more comfortable and cozier environment during hot months. If you’ve noticed that your air conditioning system is not working properly, you may wonder, “What’s the cost of an AC repair in Oklahoma?”

The cost of an AC repair in Oklahoma ranges from $135 to $1,200, with most homeowners spending $400 on AC repair services. Because every project is different, it is nearly impossible to estimate the actual cost until an AC technician inspects and diagnoses your system.

How much you will pay for your air conditioning repair can vary greatly, depending on:

  • The parts that need to be repaired or replaced
  • The status of your warranties
  • Accessibility issues
  • The contractor you hire

To help you better prepare for your air conditioning repair, this blog will discuss how each factor affects the overall AC repair cost.

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The Parts That Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

A lot of things can go wrong with your AC system. The price of the parts (components) that need to be repaired or replaced is perhaps the most influential factor in your AC repair cost.

If the faulty component(s) is inexpensive and relatively easy to install, your air conditioning repair costs will likely be lower. The overall costs can skyrocket, depending on the total faulty components and the complexity of installing or repairing each.

For instance, replacing a condensate pump is much cheaper than fixing a faulty evaporator coil. A condensate pump is relatively inexpensive and easy to fix, whereas an evaporator coil is pricier and requires expertise to replace. Besides the skill needed, installing an evaporator coil takes much more time than installing a condensate pump, which is also reflected in the overall repair cost.

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The Status of Your Warranties

Most air conditioning systems are installed with warranties. If your AC system and labor warranties are still valid, you can save serious money on your air conditioner repair.

When ordering AC repair services, it is imperative to check:

  • Your Parts Warranty: After identifying the faulty component in your air conditioning system, you will want to check if it is still under warranty. If your AC parts warranty is still valid, it will help offset the cost of purchasing replacement parts. However, this is ONLY if the warranty stipulates its conditions (component failure is due to manufacturer defect). Most Lennox AC products come with 5- to 10-year warranty options.
  • Your Labor Warranty: This is a type of warranty offered by the company or contractor who installed your AC system. If your labor warranty is still valid, it will help cover the cost of labor to repair or replace the faulty components. In most cases, your contractor should be able to confirm if your labor warranty is in force. At Prudhom Heating & Air Conditioning, we promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee and offer a 1-year labor warranty.
  • Your Home Warranty: Not to be confused with homeowners insurance, a home warranty usually covers the cost of maintaining (repairs and replacements) household systems, especially those arising after the sale closes. If you have a home warranty, it may help you save on the cost of your air conditioning repair.

Accessibility Issues

Air conditioning systems are made up of many components, and not all of them are easily accessible. Sometimes, even when the defective component is a quick fix, you may end up paying more because of the labor it takes to access the faulty component.

For instance, blown fuses of an AC unit are a quick fix but require more work and time to access. If replacing a fuse is part of the service you need, an AC technician may charge higher to compensate for the effort needed to reach the blown fuse.

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The Contractor You Hire

Different contractors charge differently, even for similar services. While you may be tempted to hire a contractor who offers cheaper quotes, sometimes the price reflects the quality of service you get.

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