Benefits of Using Manual J Calculations in Your OK Home

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Manual J Calculation service in Edmond, OK

Imagine yourself wearing shoes that are too small or too big for your feet. Feels uncomfortable, right? Just like in your OKC home, using an incorrectly sized HVAC system can also cause trouble to your comfort. That is why our team at Prudhom Heating & Air Conditioning uses Manual J Calculations to make sure your home is installed with a correctly-sized system.

Here are the benefits of using Manual J calculations in your OKC home:

Saves Energy and Improves Efficiency

If you think investing in large equipment can cool or heat your house fast, think again. A larger HVAC system will only waste energy as it operates. It will short cycle or turn on and off frequently, resulting in more energy consumption in the process. Additionally, a large system is also more expensive in purchase and installation.

On the reverse, using a smaller system may also lead to some problems. For instance, it causes your energy bill to rise because your system needs to exert extra effort to meet your home’s heating and cooling load. With the help of Manual J Calculations, you are provided with specific data to determine what size should be installed, helping you obtain optimum efficiency all year-round.

Improves Equipment Reliability

Like what we have mentioned above, short cycling happens if you use large HVAC system at home. The frequent on and off of your unit can also invite bigger issues such as costly repairs and early replacement. This won’t happen if your unit is properly sized with your home’s specific heating and cooling demands.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality and Comfort

An improperly sized heating and cooling equipment may lead to moisture issues in your home. Why? Because reduced airflow and excessive humidity may allow mildew and mold to thrive. Not only they make your indoor space uncomfortable but also cause health-related problems to you and your family.

Using Manual J Calculation, we take into account the factors such as home’s airtightness, occupants’ comfort preference, and amount of insulation so we can figure out the exact size of equipment suited to your space. With it, you can enjoy an improved IAQ, enhanced comfort, and a healthy breathing environment.

Get a Manual J Calculation of in Your OKC Home

If you want to enjoy all these benefits in your OKC home, then consider getting your Manual J Calculation done. Our experts at Prudhom Heating & Air Conditioning perform this method to measure the exact heating and cooling load of your home. Call us to get started!