Check Out These 5 Expert Tips To Prepare Your HVAC System For Fall

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Check Out These 5 Expert Tips To Prepare Your HVAC System For Fall

Time flies so fast. It feels like yesterday you were just enjoying the great sunny days in the pool with friends, and now it will be more of the sweaters and coats. We will start to feel the chill of the season in the days to come, and now’s the time to prepare your HVAC system for the challenge of the season.

Let’s get you started with these five helpful tips to prepare your units for the cold seasons.

  1. Clean or Replace Air Filters

The first and easiest thing that you can check in your HVAC system is the air filter. When clogged and filled with dirt, your air conditioner or furnace will not be able to perform its function properly. Aside from giving you poor comfort inside your home, this will give you a skyrocketing energy bill to pay.

  1. Seal The Leaks

The presence of leaks and drafts in your home can also contribute to insufficient comfort and high energy usage of your HVAC system. Using caulk and weather-stripping to seal drafts around your doors and windows. For leaky ducts, you can make use of mastic or aluminum tape to seal the cracks.

  1. Clean the Outdoor Unit

Walk outside your home and check the outdoor unit for debris and dirt accumulation. It may be located outdoors, but this part has the same importance as the components inside your home. Sometimes, grass, twigs, leaves and other debris get stuck in it and hinder the proper flow of air. If you see cracks and damages on the parts, contact an HVAC professional for immediate solutions.

  1. Check The Alarms and Detectors

Smoke detectors and fire alarms are especially important in the cold seasons. Now is the time to run these devices and see if they are working properly or need repair and cleaning. You may also want to replace the batteries to ensure proper performance.

  1. Schedule a Maintenance Check-Up.

Fall is the best time to schedule your annual maintenance service for your furnace. This way, necessary adjustment, repair, and cleaning can be done to your system prior to its use. Maintenance services ensure that your unit is ready to keep your comfort throughout the cold season.

Don’t let your unit fail you as the temperature starts to drop. Schedule a professional HVAC check-up service with our experts at Prudhom Heating and Air Conditioning today!