Does The Foundation Of Your Home Affect Your Energy Bill?

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Does the Foundation of Your Home Affect Your Energy Bill?

The simplest answer to that is YES. The structure of your home plays a crucial role in your energy consumption. This has been a major issue in the past years, and modern architects have developed modern building techniques for homeowners to get a better energy profile.  Learn how your home’s foundation, insulation and HVAC system are interconnected with each other as you read on in this blog.

What Will You Get With Damaged Foundation?

If your home is filled with cracks and gaps, you are most likely to experience heating and cooling loss. This will also give an uncomfortable atmosphere inside your home due to uneven temperatures. One of the most common foundation issues is a sloping floor. This can lead to major structural damages like cracks around windows and doors and gaps between the floor and door jamb. You will also notice its effect as your energy bill increases drastically.

Extreme foundation issue can put your HVAC system off-balance because the duct system will eventually separate from one another. If this happens, your system will lose its efficiency and may cause breakdown, high energy bill, and poor comfort on your part.

Foundation, Insulation and Your HVAC System

These three are important factors to keep efficient heating and cooling in your home. Insulation helps in maintaining a comfortable atmosphere by keeping the conditioned or heated air inside. There are different types of insulation, and you need to choose depending on the structure of your home. Newer homes have built-in insulation while older homes can be retrofitted by adding insulation in the attic, walls, and in the foundation underground.

A well-insulated home foundation is just what your system needs to perform at its best condition. It prevents your unit from working too hard to give your home a sufficient amount of heating and cooling. And what do you get in return? Well, less work means less energy consumption. And less energy usage means lower energy bill and greater savings. Additionally, you can get rid of uneven home temperature which makes it more comfortable on your part.

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