What’s the Cost of a Furnace Repair in Edmond, OK?

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The cost to install a furnace in Oklahoma ranges from $2,800 to $8,000+. Most homeowners pay around $4,200 on average.

If your furnace isn’t running correctly, you may be wondering how much you’ll pay for repairs. 

The average cost of a furnace repair in Edmond, OK ranges from $250 to $725+ with an average cost of $300. 

Ultimately, the cost to repair your furnace is affected by the following factors:

  • What’s wrong with your furnace
  • Warranty coverage
  • Diagnostic fees 
  • HVAC contractor experience

Let’s discuss the factors that affect the cost to repair a furnace in more detail….

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After reading those prices, you’re probably wondering what causes the price to increase or decrease.

Factor #1: What’s wrong with your furnace

The cost of parts and labor directly affects how much you will pay to repair your furnace.  

How much you’ll pay for parts and labor is affected by: 

  • Whether a part can be repaired. The amount you’ll pay for a furnace repair goes up if the failing part is too damaged to be repaired. 
  • The cost to replace parts. The more a replacement part costs, the more you’ll pay to repair your furnace. 
  • How long it will take an HVAC professional to make repairs. The more difficult and time consuming your furnace repair is, the more the repair will cost. 

Factor #2: Warranty coverage

If your furnace is covered by a valid warranty, you will save on the cost of repairs. 

Most furnaces are installed with two warranties:

  • Parts warranty (also called manufacturer’s warranty). The furnace manufacturer (ie. Carrier, Trane, Lennox, etc) covers the cost to replace defective parts (but not labor) for approximately 10 years. The covered amount and the length of warranty coverage varies between manufacturers. 

However, it’s easy to accidentally void your manufacturer’s warranty before the warranty expires. You might void a furnace manufacturer’s warranty if:

  • The furnace has not been maintained annually. 
  • The furnace has been repaired with off-brand parts
  • The furnace has been repaired by an unlicensed repairman.

To find out if the parts warranty is still valid and how much is covered, look up your furnace’s serial number on the manufacturer’s website. 
Labor warranty. Professional HVAC companies warranty against improper installation for anywhere from 60 days to two years (depends on the contractor). Labor warranties cover the cost of labor (but not parts). If your furnace was recently installed, contact the installer to find out if the labor warranty is still valid.

Factor #3: Diagnostic fee

The cost to repair your furnace may include a diagnostic fee. Whether or not the diagnostic fee will be waived depends on the contractor. 

Many homeowners ask what’s the difference between a free estimate and a diagnostic fee. 

Allow us to explain in simple terms:

  • Free estimates. An HVAC professional provides a free estimate for the cost of an installation. 
  • Diagnostic fees. An HVAC professional charges a diagnostic fee for repairs. A diagnostic fee covers the cost to send a technician to your home but does not cover the cost of repair. Your out-of-pocket cost will be higher if you decide to get a second (or third) opinion as each HVAC company will charge a diagnostic fee. 

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Factor #4: HVAC contractor experience

The cost you’ll pay for furnace repairs also depends on the contractor you hire. 

While a more experienced HVAC company will charge more for labor, this is not an area you should attempt to save money. An HVAC technician who undercharges is most likely inexperienced and there’s a chance that they’re unlicensed. 

An improper repair by an inexperienced or unlicensed technician can void any parts and/or labor warranties. Furthermore, you risk paying more for additional repairs due to sloppy work.  

To ensure your furnace repair is done by a qualified HVAC professional, hire a licensed HVAC contractor with over 10 years’ experience and positive reviews. 

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