Have You Neglected Your Water Heater?

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Have You Neglected Your Water Heater in Edmond, OK?

Water heaters are among the underrated appliances in a typical household. However, do you know that much of your daily routine (warm bath, hot shower, disinfecting clothing, and bedding) depends on the proper operation of the water heaters? Pay attention to these signs that signal water heater issues and the need for immediate maintenance and repair services:

  • Discoloured Water

The discolored water from your water heater means that your appliance is rusting. It is inevitable for very old water heaters and may happen for newer ones without regular maintenance services. A rusty water heater can lead to leaks and contaminated water.

  • Noises

Have you noticed a booming or knocking sound in your water heaters? These are the sounds of the residue that builds up in the unit. The accumulation of these particles in the foundation of your water heater can lead to cracks, inefficiency, and higher energy bills.

  • Noticeable Leaks

The leaks are the most common cause of water heater failure and inefficiency. If you see water around the tank, you should suspect that your water heater is leaking. These leaks can cause significant damage in your property, so be sure to call the experts for professional solutions immediately.

  • Water Insufficiency

Does it feel like you are getting very little to no hot water out of your tap? This is probably due to a malfunctioning pilot light. If you have no idea how to troubleshoot the issue, better leave the job to the professionals.

  • Too Hot or Too Cold Water

If you notice that the water from your water heater is too hot or too cold, you have probably purchased an incorrectly-sized device. What you have may be too big or too small to accommodate the demands in your home. An undersized water heater will do no good to you; it will deteriorate eventually.

  • Age of the Water Heater

Water heaters have an estimated lifespan between ten to fifteen years with proper maintenance. If your device has already reached its 10th year, you need to find a replacement even if there are no visible problems yet. Old units are already prone to leaks, and anytime soon, you will notice its inefficiency and the damages it can bring to your property.

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