What Are The Most Common Heating Problems in OKC?

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What Are The Most Common Heating Problems in OKC?

The cold spell is starting to invade Oklahoma City and eventually all the gas furnaces and heaters in each home are already running in optimum performance. While heating systems greatly help in creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your home, we cannot deny that things can always go wrong in their operation.

Check out these common heating issues that you might experience with your unit and what you can do about them:

  • Heaters with No Heat

Knowing that your heating system is not doing what it is supposed to do can be a real headache. Little to no heat is among the most common furnace and heater problems that you might experience in the winter. A lot of things can be associated with this issue such as a malfunctioning thermostat and closed valves. While the latter can be solved by merely opening the valves, a faulty thermostat can be a bit tricky. Chances are the thermostat needs a battery replacement, wiring repair, or a complete replacement.

  • Dirty Filters

The filters are among the most neglected parts of an HVAC system which can bring chaos to your unit’s operation. Depending on the type of filter installed and the condition inside your home, you might need to replace or clean the filters every 1 to 3 months to boost your unit’s efficiency.

  • Loud, Irritating Noises

Never ignore the loud, irritating sounds whenever your heating system runs. These are indications of glitches in the components of the system. If you notice rumbling, squeaking and other loud noises in your system, it is better to schedule a professional repair with your trusted HVAC technician.

  • Frequent On and Off

Another issue that you might encounter with your heating device is the frequent on and off in its operation. While this can be associated with a faulty thermostat, it is more often an indication that something is wrong with the components of your system. A professional diagnosis will check on the blower motors, belt tension, and other mechanical components of your system.

  • Bad Electrical Connections

If your heating unit does not seem like it is getting enough power to operate properly, you might be dealing with some electrical issues. Start by checking the breaker box for a blown fuse or tripped breaker. If replacing these did not fix the issue, you are dealing with a more complex problem in your electrical connection. Seek help from the professional for proper repair.

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