What Happens When Your Furnace Is Too Big?

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What Happens When Your Furnace Is Too Big?

A lot of things can go wrong with an oversized furnace. That’s why when purchasing a brand new unit for the cold months, it is important to seek help from the professionals. They can perform a thorough analysis and computations to determine the right size for your home. While DIY calculation can save you some money, it is mostly the reason why many homeowners purchase too big of a unit and suffer from a very uncomfortable season.

Check out these common issues accompanied by furnaces that are too large:

·         Uncomfortable Home

Temperature swings are highly experienced with an oversized furnace. When you walk around the house, you will notice that some parts are not properly heated while some are too warm. This happens because the furnace turns on and off more frequently than normal. When the furnace operates, it blows warm air and heats your room quickly. When the thermostat senses that the room is already too warm, it signals the furnace to stop, leaving the rooms away from the thermostat unheated.

·         Furnace Short Cycling

An oversized furnace is too powerful for your home. You might think it is good, but the truth is, it is detrimental to your unit for it can cause short cycling. This is when your furnace undergoes a very quick heating cycle. If your furnaces frequently turn on and off, you are most likely to face expensive repair and early system breakdown.

·         Increased Energy Consumption

We all know that furnaces are among the energy hogs at home. When you have an oversized unit that keeps on short cycling, your energy consumption might double or triple. It is because your unit will spend more time in “start-up mode” where energy is forced to be consumed.

·         Early Replacement

An oversized furnace can lead to frequent system breakdown and eventually early unit replacement. If your unit experiences excess wear and tear, you should expect that it will not last nearly as long as a properly-sized system.

Furnace Installation in Oklahoma City

Furnaces are undeniably expensive. To get the most beneficial return for your investment, you have to make sure that the furnace you are purchasing is fit for the demands of your home-neither too big nor too small.

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