What You Need To Know About Next-Generation Refrigerants

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For years, the HVAC industry has been facing a great challenge in creating safer and more environmental-friendly refrigerants for different operations and businesses. Today, the industry has agreed on a global phase-down of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in 2019, reduced the use of high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants, and opted for the new-generation refrigerants industry.

Learn more about what this next-generation, low GWP refrigerant has to offer in the HVAC industry:

Looking Ahead: Next-Generation Refrigerants

In response to the environmental advocacies of saving the environment, the U.S.Environmental Protection Policy has suggested several regulations that will limit the use of HFCs. Regulators are inviting industries to shift to more hermetic designs for their HVAC systems to help in containing refrigerants for a long time and reduce the chances of leaks.

New refrigerant technologies are developed to achieve a safer and more eco-friendly operation for small and large industries. Non-flammable alternatives which are collectively termed as hydrofluoroolefins (HFOs) are introduced. They use ultra-low GWP and help reduce the chances of ozone depletion. These refrigerants include R1233zd(E), R1234yf, R1234ze(E) and blends such as R513A, R514A, R452B, and R454B. R514A and R1233zd(E) are widely used alternatives for commercial and industrial HVAC equipment, containing less than 2 ultra-low GWP.

Benefits of Next-Gen Refrigerants

Check out these amazing benefits of next-generation refrigerants to you and the environment:

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Research shows that offices, homes, and factories are accountable to approximately 47% of greenhouse gas emissions. The HVAC systems are liable for a significant part of the 49% of the world’s energy that residential and commercial facilities consume.
  • Energy Efficiency. As climate change becomes a serious issue in the different parts of the world, residential and commercial owners are becoming conscious of their property’s carbon footprint. As a result, they give more attention to energy efficiency and prioritize their refrigerant choice.
  • Sustainability Goals. Since next-generation, low-GWP refrigerants reduce environmental impact, they become a significant step for residential and commercial owners to lessen energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions which are crucial for the sustainability goal. 

You can never find a perfect refrigerant. However, if you understand your options, you can choose the most suitable solution for your home or building. Be sure to choose the product that balances safety, environmental impacts, and energy efficiency.

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